After all your training and experience, being dissatisfied with your career now, or where it might be heading, is huge. 

Your training has made you knowledgeable and competent - and yet you can find yourself unprepared for the changes and new demands of the job!


If there's an issue in your work or your career that's standing in your way, know this: we've been there, and there is a way forward.

Allow us to help ....


Because we are so busy with work and study, it's easy

  • to lose sight of your purpose 

  • to become unaware of what you                need to be fully satisfied

  • and for non-urgent issues to be            'parked' out of sight.

We can assist you in getting more clarity about issues, improving your effectiveness, and helping with changes.


We are experts. Let's make sure your life is on track ... and stays there. 


Open relationships with clear communication really work. 


Could improving your skills with someone in your life make a world of difference?


Would this make you happier? Would you like yourself more?

Would knowing how to manage yourself so people no longer push your buttons be worthwhile?

Let's optimise your power with people.

Published Author

Adrian is a published author on the subject of life coaching.  His deep understanding of this subject and his long career as a respected Medical Specialist makes him the perfect person to help you with your career issues and life goals.  

Free Consultation

The first step to improving the quality of your life is to make contact with Adrian (see his details below) to book a your free consultation.  After this first meeting there is no obligation to continue.


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